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You’ve just moved into your new home and the real estate agent or builder has just handed you the keys to the doors, windows, garage, gates etc. Great! Now, how many copies of these keys exist and who has access to them? You might not think it can happen to you, however it’s a sad fact that the incidence of burglary and home invasions is on the rise in most areas. So what steps can you take to secure your home, your property and your family?

Call your local Gold Coast locksmith and get your locks changed.

When you want to secure your home and you want it done fast, get in touch with Ian Pearson from City2Surf Locksmiths and, because he’s fully mobile and available 6 days a week, he can get to your job pronto.

At the very least you’ll want to have all your doors, screen doors, windows, gates and garage remotes changed and the new keys in your hands as fast as possible. This is critical and we understand that. That’s why we’ll work to have your new keys and locks ready for you today. You can rest assured that anyone who did have access to your home in the past is now locked out for good. This means your precious possessions are safe and secure and your family protected.

Get an alarm system installed

Increase the security of your home with an alarm system. The fact that your home has great locks on the doors and windows is not going to be a deterrent for the most determined burglars, so you might want to think about having an alarm system installed. There are plenty of good systems available so give us a call and we can come up with a solution that will be perfect for your home and budget.

What about CCTV monitoring?

CCTV monitoring is a great addition to your home’s security and for your peace of mind. Once again there are many systems available and we can guarantee that we can come up with a solution that is perfect for you. God forbid, a motivated burglar forces entry to your home and breaches your defences, you’ll have high quality colour images of him to hand over to the police. Chances are he’ll be known to the boys in blue and one more villain will be given a nice new home behind bars.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors make a great addition to your home security. There role is to essential detect movement and activate lights. Talk to Ian Pearson about quality motion sensors that don’t go off unnecessarily when a moth flies by on a night time mission. Motion sensors can be strategically placed to light up outside areas such as driveways, porches, outdoor living areas and act as a deterrent to trespassers and intruders, giving peace of mind.

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